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Revolutionising Feminine Hygiene:
Tendryl Products™ Trailblazing Odyssey

Embark on our extraordinary journey that unfolded in 2016, when two visionary souls, Aarti and Lakshman, ignited the spark to revolutionize the lives of women in India. United by a shared passion and an unwavering commitment, their profound sense of purpose set them on a transformative path that would reshape their destinies.

Aarti, a luminary in hospitality, and Lakshman, a finance alumnus, embarked on their entrepreneurial voyage after bidding farewell to illustrious corporate careers spanning eight years. Their mission was elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: to uplift and empower women by addressing the often overlooked yet critical issue of menstrual hygiene.

Their odyssey was a testament to the indomitable spirit of human endeavour. Venturing into urban, semi-urban, and rural India, they immersed themselves in extensive research to authentically comprehend the challenges faced by women. Listening, learning, and empathizing, they absorbed the stories and struggles of countless women.

In 2017, a significant milestone marked their journey as they conceptualized, constructed, and unveiled the inaugural sanitary napkin vending machine. This groundbreaking creation found its home in a school nestled in the heart of Dharavi, one of Mumbai's largest slum areas. Revolutionizing access to affordable hygiene for young girls, this vending marvel distributed sanitary napkins through pre-paid RFID smart cards.

The subsequent years witnessed the metamorphosis of Tendril Products into Tendryl Products Private Limited, evolving from a dynamic duo to a formidable team of 14, pulsating with passion and purpose. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team showcased resilience, adapting to new challenges while remaining steadfast in their mission. Today, the team stands as a dedicated group of eight individuals, their commitment to empowering women and girls unwavering.

This indomitable spirit culminated in Tendryl Products' incubation with the US Embassy and American Centre's Startup program – Nexus Hub, along with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore's (IIMB) NSRCEL’s Women Startup Program. These initiatives propelled Tendryl Products' growth, expanding into new markets, including exports.

At Tendryl, we are not merely constructing a business; we are ardently crafting a brighter, healthier, and more prosperous life for women across India. Our journey epitomizes the power of two friends' visionary dream and their unyielding commitment to drive change, one vending machine at a time.

Our Mission

At Tendryl Products™, we are on an unwavering and relentless mission to empower and uplift the lives of 100 million women across India by 2030. We are dedicated to providing accessible, sustainable, and affordable menstrual hygiene solutions, ensuring that every woman has the tools, knowledge, and access to safe products and education, all while breaking down barriers to equality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the catalyst for a society where menstruation is celebrated as a symbol of strength, and every woman, irrespective of her background, walks with unwavering pride and confidence. We envisage a future where Tendryl Products spearheads a movement that dismantles taboos, redefines perceptions, and reshapes the very fabric of our communities, creating a world where menstrual equity is an unquestionable reality.


These values reflect the core principles of Tendryl Products, guiding our actions as we work toward our mission and vision, leading to our brand PINKZ®



We are committed to fostering partnerships and breaking down social and economic barriers, ensuring that all women have access to the same level of care and opportunities.



We value innovation and technology as drivers of progress in menstrual hygiene. We actively seek and utilise innovative solutions to be efficient and accessible.



Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our products and practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable, aligning with the natural world.



We empower through knowledge, enabling women to take control of their menstrual health and well-being. We believe that knowledge is the key to independence and dignity.



We uphold the dignity of every woman, respecting her as an individual with unique needs and aspirations, and approach our mission with the utmost zest and determination.

Our Team

let us introduce the exceptional team behind this remarkable odyssey and commitment to Tendryl Products™ vision. From a duo to a team of eight, this group has weathered storms and learned from failures, propelling them to scale new heights. We express our gratitude for this opportunity and aspire that our products and services empower and inspire you.

Aarti Sharma

Founder & CEO

Anjum Samdani


Akshay Patankar


Anuradha Biradar

Administration & Finance

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