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Unbranded Pads


Specification Description
Dimensions (L X W) 280 X 100 mm; 85 mm (Base Width)
Weight 5 gms
Absorbency 240 mm: Up To 140 ml Capacity with 4-6 hours Absorbency

280 mm: Up To 200 ml Capacity with 6-8 hours Absorbency

  1. Soft Aperture Woven Soft Top Fabric (Cotton) Sheet / Bamboo Sheet
  2. Woven Cloth Anion Chip (which contains 6100 anion/cm3
  3. Air-Laid Paper (360 degree tightly wrapped)
  4. Safe Super Absorbent Polymer
  5. Professional Diversion Layer (prevents the side to leak)
  6. Air-Laid Paper (for freshness & absorbency)
  7. PE Breathable Leak-Proof Bottom layer (ventilation)
  8. Strong Adhesive Glue Release Paper
Type Of Disposal 18 Months
Manufactured Local
Type Of Pads High Absorbency, Rash-Free
Packing Individually Wrapped, Pencil packing
Size (Variants) 245,290mm


Ultra-Thin, Individually Wrapped, SAP / Organic Sanitary Napkins
MRP: ₹5
Inclusions: Doorstep Delivery