Product Details


Specification Description
Dimensions (H X W X D) MM 332 X 572 X 166 I 368 X 622 X 166 (Single Spring Machines)
487 X 575 X 156 I 487 X 575 X 156 (Double Spring Machines)
Weight 10 to 18 Kgs
Type Of Machine Automatic
Multiple Coins Accepted Yes. Multiple Denominations To The Value Of The Pad
Type Of Loading Spiral
Number Of Springs 1 To 2 Springs Of 25 to 35 Pads
Storage Capacity Spring Capacity Pads Can Be Stored In Storage Area
Type Of Pads All Types Of Folded Pads
Pad Count Available On LCD Screen Provided
Coin Acceptor Automatic Coin Acceptor With Validator & Rejector
Outer Body 1.2 MM Mild Steel And 126 Microns Of Powder Coating
Operating Source Electronic (12 V), Adaptor Provided For 5A Plug Point
Installation Wall Mounted (No Stand Required)
Branding (Variants) Laser Printing And Vinyl Printing With Cobranding Options
Mode Of Function (Variants) Stand Alone System, SD Card System And IoT System
Operating Feature (Variants) Currency Coin Operated, Token Operated, Button Operated, Keypad Operated, QR Code Operated, RFID Operated And Dual Combination Dispense System
Spring Capacity (Variants) 25 Nos, 35 Nos, 50 Nos And 70 Nos of Single Individually Wrapped Pads


20 Napkin Capacity, Coin Operated,
Manual Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine