Manual Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Specification Description
Dimensions (H X W X D) MM 330 X 480 X 120 I 310 X 600 X 135 I 420 X 600 X 135
Weight 7.5 to 12 Kgs
Type Of Machine Manual Or Mechanical
Multiple Coins Accepted No. Either ₹10 Or ₹5 Or ₹2 Or ₹1 Or Tokens
Type Of Loading Spiral
Type Of Pads All Types Of Folded Pads
Pad Count Check Stock Window Available
Coin Acceptor Mechanical Coin Acceptor With A Turning Knob
Outer Body 1 MM Mild Steel And 60 Microns Of Powder Coating
Mode Of Function Stand Alone
Operating Source Mechanical
Installation Wall Mounted (No Stand Required)
Branding Vinyl Printing with Cobranding Options
Colour White
Operating Feature (Variants) Currency Coin Operated, Token Operated and Free Vending Option
Spring Capacity (Variants) 20 Nos, 30 Nos And 60 Nos of Single Individually Wrapped Pads
End User Products (Variants) Folded Disposable Sanitary Pads, Reusable Pads And Masks
Uniqueness No Power Supply, Compact, Low Cost, Light Weight And Zero Maintenance


A Low Maintenance Vending Machine That Dispenses Sanitary Pads Using Currency Coin Of ₹5, Special Metal Tokens and Can Also Be Used To Dispense Free Pads For Its Users. Preferred By Schools, Colleges, Factories, Slum & Village Community Centres.