Sanitary Napkin Incinerator_f3_chetan

Specification Description
Dimensions (H X W X D) MM 360 X 220 X 220 I 250 X 600 X 250 I 520 X 250 X 250 I 305 X 530 X 290
Weight 15 To 25 Kgs
Insulation Ceramic Wool Blanket Of 25 MM Thickness Wrapped 4 Times
Exterior & Interior Body Stainless Steel (SS304) with Epoxy
Display Heater On/Off (Green) Indicator, Machine On/Off (Red) Indicator, Start Button, Temperature Control Knob & Fuse Switch (Tripper)
Working Temperature Operating Temperature Range: 350°C To 500°C
Emission 2” Emission Outlet; Aluminium (Semi Rigid) Hose Of 125 MM
Collection Ash Is Collected Within The Ash Tray
Ash Disposal 1 MG Of Ash Per Pad, Water Soluble
Operating Source Electronic (220/240 V), Adaptor Provided For 15A, 3 Pin Plug Point
Installation Wall Mounted (No Stand Required)
Colour Black
Operating Features (Variants) Can Be Fitted With An External Smoke Control Unit At Extra Cost
Heater (Variants) Ceramic Heater Of 1.2kW, Ceramic Heater Of 1.5kW And Ceramic Heater Of 2kW
Filter (Variants) Ceramic Wool Blanket, Activated Carbon Filter And Teflon Filter
Chamber Capacity (Variants) 10 To 25 Pads At A Time
Burning Time (Variants) 10 To 20 Minutes Per Cycle

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A Low Emission, Electrical Incinerator both IoT and Non-IoT Operated That Burns The Used Menstrual Hygiene Products and Reduces It To Ash While Also Filtering The Air Using Both Teflon & Carbon Filters Including A Blower. These incinerators can be installed with an Air Purification System For The Incinerators To Reduce Existing Incinerator Emission by 90%. Preferred By Schools, Colleges, Factories, Slum & Village Community Centres.